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Owner of Brennan Massage & Spa and licensed massage therapist, Abby Brennan has found her place in the world and loving everyday of it. She states, “I am so lucky to be surrounded by an up and coming community, a healing space, talented employees, family, friends and amazing customers. I know we will be here a long time.”


Massage Therapist

Advanced Anatomy Massage Academy, 2002

Amy is a master in the art of massage. She has taught massage and now does all of Brennan Massage & Spa’s staff training. Reflexology, Thai Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy are all a part of Amy’s scope of practice. Each customer will receive a unique session to meet their needs. Her Craniosacral work will leave a customer deeply relaxed and restored. Her favorite session to give is also our Scalp Treatment and Massage with our lemon lime aromatherapy.


Massage Therapist

Chicago School Of Massage Therapy, 2009

Reshona is dynamite. She utilizes everything she has to give a therapeutic massage. She says, “Warming tissue is key to any massage being effective and nurturing.” Reshona was trained in Thailand in Thai massage and uses lots of Thai, myofacial release, stretching, trigger point therapy and deep tissue work in her massage sessions. She is an expert at shoulder joint release and has helped many customers heal from shoulder pain. Her favorite massage to give is the Scalp Treatment and Massage!



Skin Care and Spa Institute, 2008

Irma is an expert esthetician. Her facials are soothing and effective and her waxes are executed with precision and care. She gives an excellent neck and shoulder massage during her facials that will soothe away aches and pains. She loves our vitamin k eye serum for reducing dark circles and brightening the eye area. She says it works great for everyone. Her favorite facial to give is our Argan Vitamin C Peptide Facial. It is an awesome anti-aging facial we feature 1-2 times a year.

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G Skin & Beauty Institute, 2012

Nicole analyzes each client’s skin with care. She gives a relaxing facial to everyone she sees. Nicole does a great job at informing customers on a home care regime with products that are great for them. Her favorite product to use in a facial is our pumpkin enzyme peel. She loves the way it brightens a customer’s complexion. Her favorite facial to give is our Vitamin C Argan Peptide facial for its anti-aging benefits.


Massage Therapist

Chicago School Of Massage Therapy, 2006

Jill is a natural care taker. She is a good listener and takes her time on addressing specific customer concerns. She was trained in Thailand in Thai massage and uses various Thai stretching techniques in her sessions. She likes to integrate hot packs to help soften the muscle tissue. Her favorite massage to give is also our Scalp Treatment and Massage.


Massage Therapist

Cortiva Institute, 2014

Erika is very thoughtful and meditative in her massage technique. She works slow, therapeutically and professionally. She concentrates on individual client needs and helps many customers feel great. Her favorite session to give is a prenatal massage. She has helped many women relieve their tension from pregnancy.


Esthetician & Receptionist

Hanover Park College of Beauty, 2001

Denise has a relaxed and friendly personality which complement her work at the spa. She enjoys helping people relax during their facial, so that the session isn’t just about looking good, but feeling good. She loves cleaning up pores so that customers leave with a complexion that looks fresh and rejuvenated. She is also a very confident and fast waxer. Her favorite facial to perform is our hydrating anti age facial


Massage Therapist

SOMA Institute for Massage Therapy, 2012

Nicole has a calm and friendly energy. Her massage therapy goals are to bring deep relaxation and restoration to her clients. Her massages are smooth and soothing. She likes to know her customers feel, nurtured and pampered. Her favorite massage to give is our Restorative Compress Massage Feature.


Massage Therapist

National University of Health Sciences, 2005

Eric is fun loving and happy. He brings a positive attitude to work everyday. He has always had an interest in healing and so massage school was a great fit. His touch is soothing and therapeutic. He has no trouble finding knots and working them out with deep tissue, stretching and trigger point techniques. His favorite massage to give is our Back Attack.


Massage Therapist

Soma Institute for Massage Therapy, 2012

Andrea loves being a massage therapist. She understands the importance of taking care of our bodies and living a healthy life. She does an excellent job at finding aches and pains and using clinical massage to help restore healing to an area of complaint. Her favorite sessions to give are both deep tissue massages and Swedish relaxation massages.


Massage Therapist

American Institute Of Massage, 2004

Gordon’s daily life commitment is to be fully present and inspired by the beauty and challenges of living. He has many years of body care experience through his yoga practice and massage therapy work. He incorporates trigger point therapy, thai yoga massage, myofascial release and reflexology into his therapy. He is a detail orientated therapist but also works spontaneously in a massage as the body tells him what is most important for the client. His favorite session to give is any massage he would be working on in his present moment.


Massage Therapist

Everest, 2013

Lupe is a strong & focused massage therapist. She likes to do deep tissue and sports massage. She works slow and steady so that she can work as deep as she can without causing discomfort. Her favorite massage to do is deep tissue massage on the upper body, neck and shoulders and to help relieve tension headaches.


Massage Therapist

New School for Massage Therapy, 2016

Wayne is loving massage therapy after leaving 30 years in the hospitality industry. He is personable and connected to everyone he sees. His massages are strong but soothing and relaxing. He enjoys using myofacial work and stetching in his sessions and his favorite massage to give is a deep relaxation massage.


Massage Therapist

The SOMA Institute for Massage Therapy, 2017

Raquel understands back pain and enjoys helping others feel better. She is calm, patient and grounded which helps guide her through her sessions and techniques. She loves giving our Back Attack massage so she can reduce tension in the lower back and between shoulder blades. When she can she enjoys ending sessions with gentle neck stretches.


Massage Therapist

Chicago School of Massage Therapy, 2002

Cathy is an enthusiastic and experienced massage therapist. She has spent a lot of time working with athletes and clients who enjoy working out. She blends Swedish and deep tissue techniques for a customized massage. Cathy enjoys eating good food and her favorite massage to give is our Treat for Feet Massage!



Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, 2013

Sam is an expert when it comes to waxing and facial care. She loves not only being able to cleanse, extract and wax skin but how deeply relaxing skin care treatments can be. She gives a great facial, neck and shoulder massage so that customers can truly enjoy the benefits of stress reduction. She loves our deep pore cleansing mask and her favorite session to do is our Healing Lymphatic Honey Concentrate Facial feature!

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