Spa Specials

Summer Spa Specials!

Available through August

Ginger Root Muscle Soak Massage $95

Enjoy a massage infused with ginger root oil, warmth, movement, and flow. Experience muscle flushing using a helix to roll through tension, Esalen massage to create connections from head to toe, and a mini body wrap to soak your muscles in this restorative experience.

CBD Infused Watermelon Matcha Facial $95

Rejuvenate your skin with CBD, matcha, and peptides. Combined, these ingredients will reduce wrinkles, brighten, and strengthen skin. Skin will be hydrated and smooth with a youthful glow for summer!

Foot Rescue with Neck and Shoulder Relief Massage $65

Rescue your feet and relieve tension in your neck and shoulders with this new spa experience! Feet are warmed with hot packs, stimulated with neuro sensory, soothed with ayurvedic kansa wand techniques, massaged, and soaked in a hydrating foot mask. Neck and shoulders are massaged to reduce upper body tension. Enjoy this little escape to heal from your everyday stresses.

Call 708.255.5335 to schedule or book online!

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