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Enjoy Our Top 10 Services Through January!

We wanted to share the services that our customers and staff have loved over the past 10 years! Call to schedule or buy to use later!

Save $20 through January!

Wild Lime Scalp Treatment & Massage

A full body massage with a warm towel, steamed heat pack and aromatherapy enhancement for the scalp.
$95​.00 $75.00

Restorative Compress Massage

A full body massage influenced by the long and flowing techniques of Esalen massage. Massage also includes warm and cool therapy, aromatherapy and stretching.
$95​.00 $75.00

Myofacial Melt Away Massage

The slow and engaged pressure in this full body massage will melt away your tension. Techniques to soothe fascia in upper body are applied to heal you from the inside out. Swedish and deep tissue techniques used throughout session.

Couples Massage

The always popular couples massage. Schedule a massage to have in the same room together with your sweet heart, your friend, sister, mom, daughter!
$160.00 $120.00

Naturopathicas Plant Stem Cell Facial

The first ultimate anti-aging facial upgrade we ever offered. Give your skin that extra boost with the Plant Stem Cell Facial. Regenerate those skin care cells!
$95​.00 $75.00

Hibiscus Gotu Kola Facial with Scalp Treatment

A super hydrating, cleansing and gentle facial enhanced with our Gotu Kola Serum used for generations by Indian women for its healing properties. Includes our Wild Lime Scalp Treatment.
$95​.00 $75.00

Revitalizing Micro-Oxygen Facial

One of our newer facials that the staff and clients love. Detox with a super invigorating facial! These stimulating products by Shankara and Naturopathica will increase circulation, draw out toxins, deeply exfoliate and nourish your skin.
$95​.00 $75.00

Sunflower Honey Drenched Massage

This 90 minute massage has been a popular feature for many years at Brennan Massage & Spa. It was time to add it to our Signature Massages permanently. Enjoy this full body massage enhanced with warm towel compresses, hydration and a mini body wrap!
$125​.00 $105.00

Spa Ritual

A popular Spa Package for someone on the go! 1/2 hour Scalp Treatment with foot rub and mini facial! A 90 minute spa combo!
$125​.00 $105.00

Therapeutic Back Attack

The Back Attack is for anyone who needs healing to their achy back, neck and shoulders. Time is spent massaging only the upper body. Client will benefit from steamed heat packs and arnica soothing massage oil as well in this therapeutic massage!
$90.00 $70.00

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