Spa Specials

Seasonal Spa Specials

Ginger Root Muscle Soak Massage
60 min $110

Enjoy a massage infused with ginger root oil, warmth, movement, and flow. Experience helix muscle flushing, Esalen massage, and a mini body wrap to soak your muscles in this restorative experience.

Spiced Ginger Cider Facial with Hot Stone Massage
60 min $110

Spiced aromas and warmth enhance this facial as apple enzymes exfoliate and cleanse. Vanilla clove will hydrate, soothe, and soften fine lines. Hot stone facial massage included with ginger root oil application to neck and shoulders!

Soothing Sound Facial Experience
30 min $65

Soothe your mind, heart, and energy with this gentle experience of aromatherapy, sound, warmth, and massage. Tibetan singing bowls will be played to create vibrations to help you meditate while receiving a facial cleanse and massage. You will feel deeply relaxed as your mind and body let go of stress and tension.

iRest Meditation
45 min $80

Slip into a guided meditation designed to help you open and release a variety of life tension. Mind and body will benefit from this intentional time to start deep healing. Available with Maura, a certified iRest meditation practitioner, yoga teacher, and counselor.

Available through September

Call 708.255.5335 to schedule or book online.

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