Massage Therapy

Sunflower Honey Drenched Massage

1-1/2 hour $125
A luxury full body massage enhanced with warm steamed towel compresses and a sunflower honey hydration body wrap.

Wildlime Scalp Treatment and Massage

1 hour $95, 1-1/2 hours $125
A full body massage with extra attention to the neck, shoulders and scalp! Warm towel compresses, hot packs and wild lime aromatherapy are integrated into the scalp treatment!

Therapeutic Back Attack

1 hour $90, 1-1/2 hours $120
A massage focused on the upper, middle and lower back, neck and shoulders. Integrates hot packs and soothing muscle relieving arnica massage oil. Designed to increase comfort to the whole back.

Healing Meditation Massage

1 hour $90, 1-1/2 hours $120
Massage begins with a silent meditation using aromatherapy, candle light and guided hand placements. After mind and body are at peace massage begins to relax and restore. This massage is an owner favorite.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

1/2 hour $55, 1 hour $80, 1-1/2 hours $110
A stress reduction and relaxation massage. Increases mental clarity and relieves muscle tension throughout the whole body.

Deep Tissue Massage

1/2 hour $55, 1 hour $80, 1-1/2 hours $110
Deep pressure techniques are applied to aching and tight muscle groups. Session will focus entirely on the areas of tension. The intent is to restore health and comfort to the tissue.

Pre-natal Massage

1/2 hour $55, 1 hour $80, 1-1/2 hours $110
Massage for the expecting mother. Techniques are applied to ease tension from pregnancy. Prenatal massages are normally received in a side lying position. A belly bolster for lying on your tummy is available upon request.

Sports Massage

1/2 hour $55, 1 hour $80, 1-1/2 hours $110
Techniques are used to energize or relax the muscles. Joint mobilization techniques and stretching are integrated into the massage.

Aromatherapy Massage

1/2 hour $60, 1 hour $85, 1-1/2 $115
A Swedish massage enhanced with the healing value of aromatherapy. Your choice of Verbena Coconut, Hibiscus Marigold, Citrus Saffron, Jasmine Rose or Incense are applied to the body and to the ambience of the room.

Hot Stone Massage

1 hour $95, 1-1/2 hours $125
A full body massage integrating heated basalt stones into the massage techniques. The heat increases the soothing effects of the massage. Stones may also be used to aide in deep pressure applied to areas of tension on the body.

Couples Massage

1 hour $160, 1-1/2 hours $220
A Swedish or deep tissue massage shared with anyone special in your life.
(price will vary for upgraded massages)(Also please note couples massages can not be booked online. Please call spa to schedule a couples massage.)

Treat For Feet

1/2 hour $35
A soothing massage just for your feet! Includes an exfoliating sugar treatment, warm towel compresses and moisturizing. Your feet will feel vibrant and rejuvenated.

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