A Me Day Spa Day

I love when I ask a customer what brings them in today and they reply “Im just having a Me Day!”

I always think to myself, “Yeah! Right on. Take time to smell the roses”

massage therapy

It is nice to listen to clients talk about what they are going to do with the fun day they have planned for themselves. Usually a Me Day comes after a long work week, the completion of a big project, before starting a new job, after taking care of loved ones or just when needing to escape the day to day stresses.

A Me Day is when we let go of the guilt we feel when we want to give ourselves a break or treat ourselves to something nice. We surrender to the need to take care of our selves. Life is to short to deprive ourselves of the Me Day!

Being in the spa industry we get to be apart of many Me Days! We become the local get-away. Clients will treat themselves to a full body Swedish massage to relax or upgrade to an aromatherapy massage. They may even really indulge with a 90 minute massage or treat themselves to a spa day package which may include a massage and a facial or a massage, facial and mud wrap.

When clients wrap up their spa services they will usually continue their Me Day to Starbucks for a coffee, out to lunch with a friend, get their nails done or do some shopping at Oakbrook. All of it sounds lovely.

For me I think the perfect me day would be to start the morning off with a cup of coffee on my front porch, ride my bike to the spa to enjoy a massage and foot treatment, walk down to Zoo City Treats for the strawberry cheese cake ice cream and ride my bike back home to read my book and have a snooze. Now all I have to do is find the time to schedule it! That could take a while. Until then Ill enjoy being a part of the Me Days we get to provide for our community of customers!





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