Girlfriend Getaway

Girlfriend Getaway at the Spa

Later this month we are promoting a Girl Friend Getaway Spa Package. It will be a mini spa day for girlfriends to schedule together. They will each receive a 1/2 hour massage, a 1/2 hour facial and a glass of complimentary champagne if they like.

girlfriend spa package

What I love about this promo is seeing friends come together. Sometimes girlfriends take advantage of this promo when they have not seen each other in a long time, sometimes girlfriends take advantage of this promo as part of their weekly or monthly hang out and sometimes they just breakaway from their day to day routine and say, “lets take a break!”

Between family and work making the time to see a friend can be difficult to schedule. That is why our Girlfriend Getaway promo is easy to take advantage of. The experience is a local getaway. No one needs to pack a bag, reserve a hotel room or take a long drive to fit it in. It is right here in town. The promotion includes two services but it only last an hour so it doesn’t take all day either. Many times friends will just meet at the spa, enjoy their sessions, catch up for a few minutes and then carry on their separate ways. Other times friends will have breakfast together and then come to the spa or meet at the spa and end the day with lunch or dinner. Some will even head down to a local nail salon and get manicure and pedicure together as well.

This month we should all call our girlfriends and schedule some sort of get together whether it is at the spa or out to dinner or at the movies. Lets make the time to see our friends and have fun!










Some times we see friends take advantage of this deal who have not seen each other in a long time. Others see eachother often at play dates  and school drop off but never have a chance to acrually unwind together.

It is nice for the friends to meet up a little earlier and catch up on chit chat before their sessions start. When the weather is nice they can chat on our huge wrap around porch!

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