Create your holiday magic!

When I reflect on the joy of Christmas I immediately remember my grandmothers huge old house in LaGrange where she raised her 8 children and where they all returned for the holidays with their own children. The warmth of the home, the suffocation of standing between aunts and uncles in their big winter coats as they made their greetings, the children’s table and the fancy table settings for the adults, the laughter over dinner, the gifts, the fire place, the cousins to play with and the cuddles on the couch as we all got sleepy together.  Those Christmas moments seemed to last forever. Time moved much slower and I was able to soak it in and now they are the memories that define my Christmas.

Its been awhile since a Christmas felt nustley and my goal this year is to slow down some of the moments we experience during the holidays and create room for feeling the Christmas spirit. Part of making this happen is being prepared for the fun moments and be aware they are coming.

At Brennan Massage & Spa we recently participated in a toy drive. This started mid November. This toy drive was the best event we have ever participated in at the spa. We were able to collect over 130 toys. The toy donation brought in many clients representing, participating and enjoying the spirit of Christmas. We had fun with the toy drive and sharing and giving became a focus at the spa.

We also hosted a celebration at the spa during the Brookfield holiday walk. Our celebration took place in our old garage which we cleaned out & decorated into a cozy little Santa’s work shop. My staff dressed up like elves and roasted marshmallows with the kids around a cozy bonfire and drank hot coco. Everyone was excited and happy to be elves and enjoy the holiday festivities. It was nice to see everyone feeling the Christmas spirit.

Our next holiday spa event is our staff Christmas party which will be a fun gathering of people food and drinks.

So far these moments at work have brought people together and given people a chance to talk, give, laugh and have fun.

In the end it is about what you prepare and how you choose to share the moment and enjoy the moments that you’ve created to be your holiday traditions and experience. So far this season has been off to a great start and the events and people have made the season feel warm and cozy just like my grandmothers big old house!

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