Valentines Day Spa Weekend

What I love about Valentines Day weekend at the spa is that yet again the spa brings people together. In this case its our couples choosing to spend quality time together enjoying a candle lit couples massage. I love that the spa offers quality time that is peaceful, silent, relaxing. It is a way of doing nothing but still enjoying every minute.

We also include a complimentary glass of champagne and gourmet chocolate truffles. The chocolates come from Lilett’s in Lagrange.

This year many of our couples explained that they felt as if the past few weeks have just been hectic. Work was crazy, family life was busy as always, just non-stop daily stresses. They repeated that they had been looking forward to their massage for weeks. As couples continued to walk in for their appointments, I kept hearing deep sighs of relief as they walked in the door and were asked to make themselves at home. These few interactions I have with clients at the start of a spa experience just show how much weight we carry on us week after week. I am so grateful we are here to help.

We do offer couples massages year round. They are not just a Valentines promotion. Couples massages are a great way to celebrate an anniversary, someone’s birthday, a life change or just a date night. Again a couples massage is a wonderful way to do nothing but relax.



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