Fall INTO You.

Fall INTO You.

The to-do list for this time of year quickly adds up- back to school for the kids, fall sports of all sorts, end of year deadlines, the start of the holiday season and on and on. Its easy to get sucked into the frenzy of it all and not realize how stressed you are until you feel completely overwhelmed.  This is a reminder to make some time just for you.  To slow down and check in with what you need.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy- a big trip out of state or an expensive meal out.  Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder for self-care.  While it is often a joy to take care of others, we needn’t neglect our own selves. Try one of these today: 

 Light a candle and set an intention to breath deeply.   

Listen to a meditative podcast- just 10 minutes will do! 

Take a walk in the woods and focus on the sounds of the birds and bugs as you pass. 

Walk to the library and find a new book.  Set the intention to read. 

Listen to an audio book on your way to work. 

Learn to say no. It is ok to turn down extra weekend plans or extra hours at work.   

Watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn and a good friend. 

Allow yourself to take a nap- be open to doing nothing in order to recharge! 

Grab 10 minutes of sunshine to reset your circadian rhythm.  

When restoration and healing have begun It’s amazing to see where we have space to create and re-connect with ourselves and the world around us.  May today bring you peace and calm.   

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