More Staff Interviews with Nicole & Nicole!

Tuesdays we like to call Nicole Day! This is because you can find both of our Nicole’s working hard together on our busy Tuesday mornings. Nicole H. is a massage therapist and Nicole W. is an esthetician. What can make this day even crazier is when a customer also comes in with the name Nicole! Which by the way just recently happened! Whether you have a massage or a facial with one of our Nicole’s or both we are lucky to have the two of them at Brennan Massage & Spa.

Nicole W.


Nicole W. has been working at Brennan Massage & Spa for most of her esthetics career. Nicole is very organized and keeps customers, products, and supplies in order. Nicole is well educated in the art of esthetics. She continues to read up on procedures, techniques, products and the latest trends. Nicole W. has been working closely with the owner over the past few months on product research to integrate another skin care line into our esthetics department. She is helping with product analysis, protocol development, and training. Her knowledge, expertise, and opinions are greatly appreciated! Nicole is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10-3.

Nicole H.

massage therapist

Nicole H. stated ” When I was working at Jewel I cashed out a man one time, who had just had a massage before buying his groceries. He looked so relaxed and said he had just had a massage. I decided then and there that I wanted to make people feel that good too.” And that she does. Nicole has a full and engaged pressure throughout her massage sessions. Customers feel cozy, relaxed and stress-free after receiving a massage with Nicole. She does a great job finding knots and helping customers relieve their pain. She is kind, hilarious, fun and sweet. She is a pleasure to work with. Nicole H. is available on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10-3, Fridays from 3-8 and Saturdays from 1:30-5:30.

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