Whats your New Year Resolution? How about community outreach!

A New Year’s resolution is typically a promise we make to ourselves to do some act of self-improvement.  Most common involve exercise and eating healthy but why not make this years’ resolution to do random acts of kindness. I think in the world we live in today, this would make everyone feel better in a way a little different then a work out!

community service fundraising donations

Since working at Brennan Massage & Spa I have been able to participate in many ways in which our little day spa gives back to the community. We have hosted fundraisers, collected toys for the LaGrange Community Nurses Secret Santa Toy Drive and have worked with the Constance Morris House a shelter for abused women and children.

Our private spa fundraisers have raised money for various organizations. From schools, to Ovarian Cancer Research and individuals in need these have been great ways for the spa to contribute and make an impact. I was able to host a spa fundraiser for my own children’s catholic school. We had mini massages and facials and the spa donated back 50% of the proceeds to buying equipment for recess at the school.

Collecting toys for the Secret Santa Drive is always fun and brings out the best in everyone. It is always so nice to see the spa overflowing with the generosity of our clients and community. We know that Christmas is not only about toys but the collaboration the toy drive brings does represent the spirit of Christmas.

Working with Constance Morris House this past year was definitely the biggest eye opener for many of us involved. Not only did the community once again out pour with generosity but the women and the employees from the shelter were so appreciative and happy with the donations, the spa day and the fundraiser in which we were able to donate over 1,000 to the shelter to put towards a swing set at the shelter. I cannot begin to explain what an amazing experience this was.  To be able to give these women, who have experienced such physical pain, the feeling of a gentle touch was something I will never forget.

In 2017 we plan to look for more ways to give back to people in need and the community. We have been interested in working with homeless shelters, food pantry’s and foster children. Any recommendations for local organizations is also welcomed and appreciated and we will continue to share what we are doing so you may to be involved if you wish.

Happy New Year Every One! May your New Year be fulfilled by extending your hand and hearts to other’s. Whats your News Year Resolution!

~Denise Hopkins, Licensed Esthetician at Brennan Massage & Spa

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