February the ancient month for purification!

February has a history of being a month for purification and cleansing. The Roman’s annual calendar considered February as the end of the year because March, being spring, was the rebirth of the year! Februus was the God of purification and many festivals and feasts were held in his honor in February, hence the origin of the name for this month. It was believed that purification made way for fertility and creativity, known today as spring cleaning. February was the name given to some of these festivals.

At this time of year, we are starting to feel the restlessness in the season. We are once again ready to emerge from our state of rest and rejuvenation from the long winter. Our plans for the year are taking root and will soon blossom. We are planning home repairs, family vacations, work projects and more. But wait! There is still time to rest! Don’t rush the silent evenings yet. Stay in and recuperate with family before we take off in the spring! Think about the God Februus and continue to purify your mind, body, and spirit. Drink tea, read books, take slow winter walks and go to bed early. We will emerge soon enough with the spring and be a busy as bees!

Fit in that spa day with a friend or even your Valentine! Take one more day this winter to rest with a massage, facial or body treatment to purify your stress for the spring.

Our February specials include an indulgent Wine and Cherry Chocolate Facial filled with purifying antioxidants, our Wine and Peptide body wrap will cleanse and soothe your skin from head to toe and our Candlelit Couples Massage with Chocolate and Champagne will restore your body with relaxation and stress reduction.

Soak in the month of purification and prepare yourself for spring.




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