Day-to-Day Meditation

Day-to-Day Meditation

Recently I have been introduced to meditations by Tara Brach. What a transformation this has brought to my day. I listen to her podcast as much as possible. Some of her podcasts are reflections, some meditations and others lessons in awakening your heart and soul in different ways. One meditation that I recently used to begin a staff meeting was her meditation titled “Learning to Stay”. It is only a 4-5 minute meditation but its focus is about spending time with a feeling, thought or activity. Click here to listen to this meditation. Being able to stay with a moment or feeling can truly center our being. By staying, we unravel what is in front of us and open ourselves to who we are and what we can bring to ourselves and those around us. I love this idea of being fully present. Giving something our undivided attention. How much we miss in our lives by not giving attention to it. Moment are fleeting as they say and to hold this in our conscious mind will bring value to our everyday encounters.

If you can take time to meditate, doing so during the holidays will not only put the madness into perspective but will also hold us present during all the love that can surround us at these times. Bring awareness to laughter at a holiday party, the joy in seeing loved ones, the taste of home cooked food and the warmth of our homes.

When we can be present we can allow ourselves to fully fill with love and appreciation for the world we live in. What an awesome New years Resolution this could be for all of us. To experience 2019 with attention and presence. I do believe this will be the title of the next blog.


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