Holiday Shopping during a Pandemic

Holiday Shopping during a Pandemic

Never before has the gift of relaxation been such a necessary  luxury. We have experienced so much gratefulness for assisting in a clients opportunity to relax that we are forever impacted by this gratitude. If you are trying to think of a gift to give, then a gift card to a spa is a great idea.

Brennan Massage & Spa will have a variety of options for holiday shopping this year in order to keep customers safe.

One of the main ways customers can shop for gift cards is on our website. Gift cards can be easily purchased and printed online. Visit to buy online. Customers can also place a phone order. Phone orders may be shipped or we can coordinate curbside pick up.

If you would like to visit the spa to shop our skin care, candles, aromatherapy and more then please feel free to swing by during regular business hours. We are asking customers to call us at 708.255.5335 before entering the building. This way we can monitor the amount of customers shopping at one time.

Coordinating holiday shopping around a pandemic could have never been predicted for business and customers!
Although keeping shoppers safe is the priority, businesses must do what they can to promote, participate and capitalize on holiday shopping. More then ever businesses are dependent on this income to jump start year 2021 with some security. If we can create this security we can buy some more time for our staff and companies to perform while our world begins to heal.

If the county recommends closures then we will temporarily stop services but will remain open with adjusted business hours for shopping.

We hope that our efforts will be successful and that all feel safe while preparing for this holiday season.







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