Doing what we love during a pandemic.

Doing what we love during a pandemic.

Maneuvering a business through a pandemic has had many challenges. From capacity limitations and scheduling adjustments to lay offs and re-hires, it has not been an easy year. Though in many ways we have become more willing to explore new opportunities. We have pushed ourselves to learn new services, update our brand, review our availability and have worked hard to keep doing what we love. Now more then ever we have become essential. Not essential for survival, but for mental health and well being.

The work we have been doing has been more satisfying then usual, because of how necessary stress reduction has become during this current state of the world.

Clients are tense from working at home all day, home schooling their children, having fears of spreading covid and experiencing a sense of loss on many different levels. We have been grateful to be here to help reduce these stresses and anxieties.

Two of the many services we put together to enhance stress reduction during this pandemic we will be featuring through February. They have become session we love to give and customers have loved to receive!

The first is our Lavender Blossom Warm Oil Treatment. Just the smell of the lavender oil is enough to put anyone into a state relaxation and peace. Body is gently dry brushed and steamed with warm towels. Warm lavender oil is then applied and massaged into the skin. Body is wrapped to soak in the oils. Session is complete with a mini scalp massage and facial acupressure.

The second service is our Aromatherapy Salted Soak. Feet are soaked in warm salts while receiving a neck, shoulder and scalp massage. After feet our softened the are exfoliated with sugar, massaged and hydrated with a honey glaze. Steamed heat packs and warm towels enhance this session.

We will continue to develop service that enhance stress reduction so that we can be our best selves as we work together to heal.

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