Prenatal Massage

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Prenatal massage for the expecting mother. Techniques are applied to ease tension from pregnancy.

Carrying life is not an easy task, and is not easy on your body. Extra weight, hormonal shifts, lack of sleep can cause physical strain on a mother-to-be. Not to mention, the mental stress during this tremendously exciting yet anxious time in a woman’s life. Prenatal massage is aimed at to relieve stress of both the body and mind. Prenatal massages are normally received in a side-lying position. A belly bolster for lying on your tummy is available upon request.

Our goal is to help relieve some of the physical pressure pregnancy causes on the body. Compression of the lower back, swollen feet and ankles are all focuses of prenatal massage. Strategic positioning and massage techniques are employed to help relieve pressure and increase of blood flow to help relieve many physical symptoms of pregnancy. Happy mommy equals happy baby.

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