How Often Should You Get a Massage?

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

Looking for an excuse to get massages more often? Well, look no further. We all know that massage therapy offers a tremendous array of health benefits. From stress relief to insomnia, chronic pain to high blood pressure, there’s a type of massage for everyone. But how often is often enough to truly reap the benefits of massage?

We know that in just one session, muscles can loosen, tension can be relieved, and you can walk away feeling more relaxed than you did just 60 minutes ago. While the longer lasting results can vary from person to person, allowing the benefits of massage to build on each other will help you reach your longer-term goals. Always consult your massage therapist to come up with an individual plan they feel will be most tailored to your body and your needs. They should be a partner with you on your journey to wellness. Below are some of the most common reasons people get regular massage, and what we believe are good general guidelines to maximize results.

Lower stress levels

The key to general stress relief is to not allow too much time in between massage, to allow stress to completely “undo” what you had done at your last session. Our general recommendation would be once to twice a month, so the effects build on each other thereby beginning the next massage with less muscle tension than the last. That said if you are under high stress, weekly sessions could be an appropriate approach to help get you through the rough time.


If getting more restful sleep, or just more sleep, is the goal of your massage we would recommend coming often at the get-go, perhaps weekly. As you begin achieving desired results extending to biweekly or monthly might be an appropriate solution. Before long you will be sleeping like a baby.

Sports Massage

If you live an active lifestyle, taking care of your strained and sore muscles is imperative to keep you doing what you love, or perhaps to even stay competitive. Our recommendation would be bi-weekly massages to help loosen tight muscles, increase flexibility and keep you on the top of your workout.

Pain Management

If you are suffering from aches and pains either from an injury or from something more chronic, weekly massage will help get you on track and provide you with relief. As you begin to heal, the time between session can be lengthened to biweekly or monthly. But again, the key is to build upon the benefits of each session, without having to start fresh each time.

General well-being and overall health

Massage is known to have tremendous physical and mental benefits. Going for a massage on at least a monthly basis will help keep you feeling grounded, and relaxed. Massage is also highly preventative, by keeping your muscles more flexible and mobile you will be less likely to injure yourself and consequently you will feel increase your serotonin levels making you feel better all around.

In summary

That being said, we understand that not everyone feels they have the time or can afford a regular massage. Some great tips to help maintain your regimen are to book your next appointments at the end of your massage or schedule a few in advance. You are more likely to make time for yourself if it is already on your calendar and all you have to do is keep your appointment. Remember you are worth making yourself a priority. If you are concerned about the financial commitment keep eyes open for specials and try budgeting for your treatments.

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