Spa Service Enhancements

Covid-19 Spa Enhancements

Spa Service Enhancements

With all the changes happening in the world we have made changes too. Some have been hard, but others we have welcomed. We have been pushed to learn new approaches to managing our business, our customers, and our services.

Enhancing various services has been really exciting and fun to do for our staff and customers. Customers enjoy trying new sessions and employees always enjoy mixing up style, techniques, and products!

Many of the enhancements have been made in our skincare department. This is because much of the skincare we do is for the face. Mask wearing is not required by the customer in these sessions, however the employee is masked and shielded. Although many customers have still wanted to schedule facials with us we did decide to create more skin care options for customers who may have more concerns about removing their mask. These new sessions are all designed to accommodate remaining masked in service. They have been a wonderful compliment to all the other relaxation services we offer and the perfect fit for maintain safety and precautions.

Lavender Blossom Full Body Warm Oil Treatment

The first enhancement is our Lavender Blossom Full Body Warm Oil Treatment. This service begins with gentle dry brushing from head to toe. This softens the surface of the skin. The customer is then painted with warm oil that is lightly massaged into the skin. The client is wrapped to activate the absorption of the oil. Facial Acupressure is then received over the mask to complete the session. Skin will feel hydrated and silky smooth!

Peace of Mind Restoration Treatment

Another enhancement is our Peace of Mind Restoration Treatment. The customer receives a neck and shoulder massage, followed by a nourishing hair and scalp treatment. Facial Acupressure is also performed and a hand glow completes the experience.

Bubble Bath Body Wrap — Coming Soon!

This is a session that literally covers your skin from head to toe with Bubbles that will nourish and hydrate the skin! Warm water will drizzle the bubbles away and warm towels will cleanse and steam the skin. Skin will be hydrated and wrapped for full product penetration!

Sugar Scrub Glow

Sugar scrubs are always popular, especially when received on the back, which is such a hard to reach spot for exfoliating! Our Sugar Scrub Glow will address the shoulders, back, declotee, and hands. The skin will be soft and smooth.

Harvest Hemp Pumpkin Spice Wrap

The fall is always a popular time for the nourishing properties of Pumpkin. Our Harvest Hemp Pumpkin Spice Wrap will integrate pumpkin and the benefits of CBD oils and moisturizers. Skin will be glazed from head to toe with spices and pumpkin and hydrated with hemp!

We are so excited about these enhancements to our skincare department and look forward to sharing them with our customers!

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