Our Top 5 Safest Spa Treatments!

Safest Covid-19 Spa Services

Our Top 5 Safest Spa Treatments!

If anyone is in need of healing touch but is feeling hesitant about feeling safe at the spa then we have some recommendations for you! On our brochure, you will see 5 treatments that we offer that may make you feel more confident in receiving a spa service. Although all services are done safely with mask-wearing and constant cleaning, these 5 sessions do offer more space between customer and employee and less face-to-face interaction.

Therapeutic Back Attack Massage

Our Therapeutic Back Attack Massage is a great option. This is a session that can be completely done lying in the face-down position. The massage is performed only on the upper, middle, and lower back with the attention to the neck and shoulders. This massage integrates steamed heat packs and an arnica muscle-soothing massage oil. Lying in the face-down position allows the customer and employee to reduce breathing on each other. The customer’s nose and mouth are covered loosely with a pillowcase that fits over the face cradle.

Clarifying Back Facial

Another recommend session that works the same way as our Back Attack is our Clarifying Back Facial. This is a soothing cleanse and exfoliating treatment for just your back. The customer’s nose and mouth remain covered with a loose pillowcase over the face cradle and the client remains in the face-down position.

Treat for Feet Massage or Reflexology

Another recommendation would be to schedule our Treat for Feet Massage or our Reflexology session. Both of these sessions are done within a ½ hour and are services for your feet only. This creates space between the customer and employee possibly breathing to close to one another. Service is also short which reduces any exposure time. The Treat for Feet includes a foot exfoliation and hydration treatment and the reflexology integrates stimulation to acupressure points on the bottom of the feet which increase healing throughout the whole body.

Reduced Session Times

Lastly, many of our services can be performed within a ½ hour. Again, this decreases any concern of exposure time. Any ½ hour treatment can also be received in the facedown position. A deep tissue massage is a great massage to have within a ½ hour of time. We can address a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders in a ½ hour. Many customers have benefited from a ½ hour tune-up!

We love what we do and are so happy to open and working. We hope that our safety measures and some of these options can help customers with hesitancies feel confident about visiting Brennan Massage & Spa!


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