Imagine Warm Steamed Towels & Aromatherapy…

This month enjoy our scalp treatment and full body massage. Your session begins with selecting  wild lime or deep forest aromatherapy for your massage treatment. You then climb into a toasty heated massage table. Your massage therapist will give you a relaxing full body massage. As your tension melts away they will spend extra time on your neck, shoulders, scalp & face. Steamed heat packs are placed under the neck to soothe all your tension from the work week, steamed towels are draped over your shoulders, face and scalp to create a deep state of relaxation and warmth. Aromatherapy is inhaled to open your mind and release your thoughts. Take a deep breath in and enjoy. Your scalp is soothed with oils to release stress and create mental clarity. You will wake up and feel restored to wellness and peace. Take time this month to slow down and treat yourself to this massage special of the month. It is worth it. Save $20 through January.

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