Loving Mothers

Loving mother and young daughter embracing in a hug

Loving Mothers

The ancient Greeks believed there were up to 8 different types of love. These types of love are Agape which is an unconditional love. It is often referred to in a spiritual sense or the love for one’s god. Eros is a romantic love named after the god Eros: the Greek god of love and fertility. Next is Pragma which is an enduring long-lasting love the opposite of Eros. Philia is an affectionate love but platonic- the type of love you feel for friends. Ludus is a playful love. Butterflies and feeling of excitement that you get at the start of a new relationship. Mania is an obsessive, controlling love. Storge is the deep love for a child or family member. And lastly, we have Philautia which is self-love and includes self-compassion and self-care.

As any mother knows the love for a child is a powerful and all-consuming one. For years a mother will put aside their own needs in order to nurture and care for their babies. It is a beautiful but often overwhelming roll. Many women get to a point in their motherhood when they finally realize the need for Philautia or self-love. In order to give to our children (or spouses or friends) it is important to indulge in self-care to reenergize and renew. There are many ways you can reset and spend quiet time alone. Go for a walk in the woods, take a nap, drink a cup of tea. As always Brennan Massage and Spa is waiting with open arms to help many moms take time for themselves. We know you need this quiet time and are happy to help reduce stress, tension, and restore you to your full and loving selves. Our specialty love is Philautia and we look forward to being here for any parent who needs to prioritize themselves for a few hours.
Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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