Love is Good for Your Health!

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching you might be stressed about the plans you may or may not have. The thing that many people don’t realize about Valentine’s Day is that it doesn’t have to be about a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Valentine’s Day has transitioned into a day of love, which can be (and should be) celebrated with anyone! You can choose to spend this day alone or you can choose to spend it with your best friends and family. It is important to remember that spending quality time with the people we love is always important and Valentine’s Day is a great day to do so!

Good News! Spending time with loved ones has been proven to be good for your health! The Happy Healthy Hub offers 6 health benefits of spending time with loved ones:

  1. Being a parent increases longevity
  2. People with a strong social network live longer
  3. Siblings decrease loneliness
  4. Loved ones can encourage healthy habits
  5. Strong family bonds decrease risk behavior in teens
  6. Mothers lower stress

Visit the Happy Healthy Hub to read more about the benefits of spending time with loved ones here: 

If you are worried about spending Valentine’s Day without a significant other, remember that spending Valentine’s Day with anyone you love is perfectly acceptable and encouraged! A mother-daughter spa day, girls night out, or an ice cream date with a sibling are only a few suggestions to what you can do this Valentine’s Day to spend time with the people you love. Remember, it is GOOD for your health to love!


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