National Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month which means it is a great time evaluate and try to manage our stress levels. Some of us are more easily stressed out than others and what effects one person will effect another very differently. Stress is a personal issue that each person must learn to identify and control for themselves.

If you are feeling stressed it is important to pinpoint the trigger so that you can try to avoid it in the future or at least learn how to manage it. Many of us are stressed out by things we simply cannot change such as our jobs, school or our busy schedules. If that is the case, managing that stress, instead of eliminating it, is the only option. provides a great list to help with stress management and gives advice on how to reduce, prevent and cope with stress. You can find the article here:

To summarize the article, stress management includes: identifying the sources of stress in your life, avoiding unnecessary stress, altering the situation, adapting to the stressor, accepting the things you cannot change, and making time for fun and relaxation. The article (which can be found in the link above) offers an in-depth look at these ways of managing stress and is a highly recommended read!

Simple activities such as taking a walk outdoors, playing with your dog, listening to music, reading or writing down your thoughts can help manage stress. You will have to find what works best for you and your stress. Use the month of April to raise your awareness of your own stress levels and how you can manage it and live a happier life!

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