Good Intentions.

A spa service can be much more than just a way to relax your body. Depending on your personal goals and intentions, a massage can offer you much more. In addition to pain and stress relief, massage can provide many other healing intentions. In an article for Massage Magazine, Donna Elizabeth Jason touches on these powerful healing intentions. Sample intentions she lists are as follows:

  • My intention is to allow myself to truly receive, and to release anything that is no longer serving me, including physical tension and emotional blocks.
  • My intention is to heal my heart and my patterns of physical and emotional pain and to know that I am worthy of living a joyous, love-filled life.
  • My intention is to know I am worthy of being taken care of and to allow healing into every cell of my body.
  • My intention is to allow any detrimental patterns in my physical, emotional or mental being to be replaced by light, levity and love.

Massage can help you fulfill these intentions and release the negative energy you may be experiencing. The power of intention is very strong and with the right intention, message can help heal you in all the right places.

Here at Brennan Massage & Spa our therapists are highly trained and are eager to help you receive the best service possible. If you wish to discuss your intentions with your massage therapist before your session, they may be able to assist you in reaching your goals. If your goal is to relax and clear your mind, we have a special feature massage coming up in May for Women’s Wellness Week. This feature will be our Meditation Massage and it is the perfect massage for clients with intentions to release the weight and pressure of stress and tension that has built up. Aromatherapy Massage is also something to consider for ultimate relaxation. Massage enhanced by a soothing aroma of your choosing is sure to draw out stress and allow you to focus on you. Our signature Swedish Massage is the ultimate full-body massage for stress reduction and relaxation. Here at Brennan we offer a menu of services that aim to help the mind, body and soul. With your intentions and those of the massage therapist, your massage can become much more than just an hour of relaxation. Your massage can be a tool in reaching a higher level of being, satisfaction and gratification within yourself.


Read more Samples of Intention from Donna Elizabeth Jason

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