What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Massage Benefits

There are many reasons clients come to us for a massage.
Sometimes we see clients once a week or every month. Many times we see clients a few times a year and at times we meet them only once. For whatever reasons they find us, we are grateful they chose to receive a massage at Brennan Massage & Spa with one of our expert massage therapists.

Massage Therapy

A massage therapy session can be solely for relaxation. When a client is looking to relax they will usually schedule a full body Swedish massage for 1 hour or for 1.5 hours. The massage therapist will use techniques that soothe aches and pains and help you release tension in a relaxed and peaceful way. Stress reduction is beneficial for everyone. When you are able to relax your heart rate and blood pressure can slow down, your breathing can become deeper and fuller, your mind will feel at peace and as a whole you will feel rested.

Many times clients need a massage for therapeutic reasons. Possibly because of an injury or a muscle pain that has bothered them for a long period of time. In this case we can use deep tissue or therapeutic massage therapy techniques to help resolve the pain. During this massage the massage therapist will normally focus on the problem spot or spots and not perform a full body massage. That way the customer receives all the healing benefits of a massage to the area of discomfort. Stretching, trigger point release & cross fiber friction are a few of the techniques used in a therapeutic massage. At times a deep tissue massage can hurt and will leave a client sore. After a few treatments though the aches and pains will change and the client will begin to feel better.

Massage therapy is good for our health whether we need a massage to heal and injury or to relax us.

The benefits also include:
Stimulates lymph flow
helps athletes recover or prepare for workouts
Increases Joint Flexibility
Reduces Scar tissue and promotes tissue regeneration
Pumps nutrition and oxygen into vital organs
Reduces spasms
Releases Endorphins
Relieves Migraines

For more information on massage therapy benefits please visit the American Massage Therapy Associations Website here.

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