A History of Scalp Massage

Relaxed woman getting her scalp massaged

A History of Scalp Massage

This August we are featuring one of our signature massages, The Scalp Treatment with Full Body Massage.

This massage has become a customer favorite over the years. There is something people just love about having their scalp massaged. Someone always says, “My favorite part of getting my hair cut is when they do a scalp massage during the shampoo! This massage was great because the massage was centered around the scalp treatment!”

Scalp massage has a history. Cultures such as the East Indian culture have been practicing scalp massage for hundreds of years. It can be referred to as Champissage or Indian Head Massage. During an Indian Head massage not only is the scalp massaged but the neck, shoulders and face are addressed as well. Ayurvedic medicine or beliefs can be integrated. Client remains clothed and sits upright in a chair while the therapist works the neck shoulders, face and scalp from behind them or by having the client lean forward into them supported by their stomachs. Indian head massage is used to strengthen hair, increase blood flow to stimulate the scalp, and reduce tension. Various oils are integrated into a the scalp massage depending on the season. Many families have been known to give each other massages on Sundays in order to stimulate their children for the school week.

During our Scalp Treatment and full body massage we actually integrate a full body massage into the treatment. Therefore we perform the session lying down on a massage table. We do apply a wild lime or ddep forest oil to the scalp and hair. We also integrate steamed towels onto the face, scalp & declotee and we use steamed heat packs under the neck. The heat with the oil & aromatherapy blend to create a very invigorating yet relaxing treatment.

Learn More About Our Wildlime Scalp Treatment Massage »

We do not combine the scalp massage with East Indian Ayurvedic  medicine but the intent is the same, to relieve stress, stimulate blood flow and invigorate the scalp.

Consider our Scalp Treatment & Massage Special for August! Save $20! If you bring a friend you both save $25.

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