Mixing Up massage techniques

In order for a spa to stay popular it is important to get creative with all the skills we have. Many times we are scheduled for basic massages and facials which is great but in my mind it is important to try new things as a client and as an employee. Staff needs to continue learning and customers become interested in trying new services.

Every year at Brennan Massage & Spa we like to feature various services that are not on our brochure. These are sessions that we have customized to our spa, enhancing different skills or products. My personal favorite at this time is our Restorative Compress Massage. Usually a June promotion, we have found that customers just love this massage. The massage is a 90 minute session. It is a full body Swedish or deep tissue massage. What makes this massage unique is that for a portion of time in the session we use an Esalen influenced massage technique. In Esalen massage the whole body is massaged at the same time. We use efflurage techniques from head to toe linking everything together. We also use joint mobilization and gentle stretching to increase blood flow and movement in the body. The massage also is enhanced with warm and cool compresses again with the intent to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Arnica massage oil and a lavender, eucalyptus, ylang ylang and geranium room and body mist are also included.

Another fun treatment is our Meditation Massage. This massage actually begins with a guided meditation. The intent is to help the customer unwind before receiving their massage. Many times customers run in from work or care taking before they jump onto the massage table. It takes a good 1/2 hour many times for a client to relax at all. When we are able to start with a meditation the whole experience is better! We use candle light, aromatherapy and guided hand placements on the body to help the customer reach a deep state of mental, spiritual and physical relaxation. After the clients meditation they are super relaxed for a great massage. I absolutely love this sessions. It is a reminder to slow down. It is not only peaceful to receive but as a massage therapist it is very peaceful and enjoyable to give.

Starting this fall we will be bringing a new feature out for 2017! I am really excited about using myofacial techniques, warm towels and a soothing muscle cream in this new massage! Stay tuned so you can try it too!


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