Amy & Reshona’s Empolyee Interview

Amy & Reshona have both been at Brennan Massage and Spa for Awhile. Amy just had her 8 year anniversary and Reshona has been here just over 5 years. Both Amy & Reshona are massage therapists and have created a great reputation for themselves within the community. They are hard working & committed to their roles and have built a huge network of returning customers for themselves. They are always busy and it is at times very hard to catch an open session with them. Calling in advance is recommended!


massage therapist

Amy is a master massage therapist. She can read customer needs and guide them to relax, release and self-heal with her strong yet nurturing touch. She practices craniosacral therapy, reflexology & Thai massage as well.  Customers just fall in love with Amy and she has a huge following. Her easygoing personality and a happy attitude are a part of her charm. Amy adores her 2 children and when she is not working she is found spending quality time with her family. Amy is available Tuesday-Thursday from 3-8 and Fridays from 10-3.


massage therapist


Reshona is an expert in the art of therapeutic massage. She has become famous for helping clients heal from pain and injuries. Her specialty is definitely neck and shoulder pain. She has literally helped people move again. Reshona is laid back and beats to her own drum.  A few years ago Reshona spent time in Thai land learning Thai massage. She utilizes many Thai techniques across her sessions which customers love. Most of her customers book her 90-minute deep tissue massage so they can have more time to benefit from all of her techniques. Reshona is available Thursdays & Fridays from 3-8 and Sundays from 10-3.


It has been wonderful to watch Amy and Reshona help so many customers over the years.

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