Eric & Nikki Staff Interview

Nikki Richardson

Nikki has been a massage therapist for a long time. Also a dance teacher she combines her love for the body and movement into massage. She is strong, caring and intuitive. She originally visited Brennan Massage & Spa as a customer and over 4 years ago was basically hired on the spot. She has been a great fit over the years. She is committed, a hard worker takes her role seriously and pitches in when she can.  Her specialty is definitely engaged and soothing relaxation massage. Her clients have become addicted! Nikki is available every other few Saturdays and as needed throughout the year.



Eric has been at Brennan Massage & Spa just over 2 years now. He was hired at hello during his interview. He is strong and therapeutic in his massage techniques. Eric knew massage therapy was for him after starting school because it felt so natural for him to do. Eric is silly, relaxed and fun! He keeps the staff & customers laughing with his sense of humor! However, once you are in session with Eric he is all business and will make sure you leave stress free. Eric is available on Saturdays from 9-1!


Nikki and Eric are some of Brennan Massage & Spa’s weekend warriors. Although Saturdays can become a busy and hectic day it is definitely worth taking an hour to visit Eric or Nikki for a little relaxation over the weekend. Weekends can book up fast so it’s worth calling a few days in advance to grab a massage appointment! Even a 1/2 hour massage is worth it!

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