Holiday Rituals

I love reflecting on rituals. They have been a topic of mine in blogs over this past year.

At this time we are all going through our holiday rituals. We are decorating the house, shopping, baking cookies, listening to Christmas music,  wrapping gifts, meeting friends for holiday parties, going to Christmas Staff parties, playing in the snow and much more. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by these rituals that are suppose to be sacredly a part of our traditions. So take a deep breath and reflect on what you love about these rituals. Choose a few rituals to experience this year and set aside the time to enjoy them. Tell yourself that while baking cookies, or shopping, or meeting friends, or sledding that you will not be distracted by anything else!

If your going to frost cookies, then frost cookies while drinking tea and listening to Christmas music with the kids. If your going to decorate then light some holiday candles, open a bottle of wine and decorate to your hearts desire! If your going to shop till you drop, then take the day off work, grab a Starbucks and a nice lunch and start your shopping! If your going to see friends then take the time to make food, and sit and be with them.

Fitting everything in is hard, so don’t fit everything in. Enjoy what you plan to do and be present.

I’ve been lucky this year to have planned my calendar with many days of nothing. Every time I look at it and see the empty space I think “Ohhhh….I can fit this in and I’ll go do this and we can do that!” Then I stop and say, “No”, the few things planned are enough. It and feels damn good.

Lots of love and meditation, rituals and spirit during your holiday season. Find peace in all you do. XOXO everyone.


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