10 Years in the Spa Business and Loving What We Do!

10 years ago I opened Brennan Massage & Spa’s doors on Jan. 2nd 2008. It was a quiet cold day, the economy was in terrible shape and we had absolutely no customers! It was still a great day for me! I remember staring at the phone to try and make it ring and it worked a few times! I can not remember if I booked any appointments that first day or even week but people did begin to find us.

I learned really fast that I was going to need to hustle to get my business off the ground. I mean, who in this economy was going to treat themselves to a luxury spa service.

I reached out in any way I could to meet customers. We paid for advertisements, I built a small mailing list, I participated in events everywhere, I started my own events (some of which we still do today), I connected with the community and we began to grow.

Before I knew it we built a client base! Then we built a reputation and the word spread.

Day by day, and month by month I continued to stay focused on a plan to be busy, to build a spa team, to create luxurious protocols for services and to maintain quality over quantity. It worked! We are here and we are busy and my team is amazing.

Now that the work is steady I am busier than ever running a small but busy business. The staff always needs checking in with and training, the building requires maintenance, customers need to be heard and addressed, marketing is launched every month, inventory is a weekly chore and accounting and payroll are a must! Providing healing, stress relief, and relaxation is a busy business to be in! I am kept on my toes and I love it.

Over the past 10 years, I have been asked many times, “How did you learn to run a day spa?” Although I have had many experiences that have helped me learn to run a day spa my favorite answer is Trial and Error! You have to try everything so you know what does and does not work. You have to be ready to make mistakes and learn from them.

So over the past 10 years, I have made so many mistakes that lead us to so many great experiences and to meeting so many wonderful people. A special thanks need to go out to all the customers that have supported us through the years. It has been fun this month to reflect with the customers that we have known for 10 years now. We look at each other and say, “Wow! We have known each other for 10 years!”

The sweetest part has been hearing customers state, “Thank you for being here.”

Well, thank you, Brookfield and everybody, who has put their trust in Brennan Massage and Spa to care for and heal your loved ones. I am so appreciative each day for what we have built and the people we are honored to meet.

The past 10 years went so fast that I can guarantee, we will be here another 20.


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