Lavender Blossom 4 Handed Massage!

“What is a 4 handed massage?” we are being asked with a look of curiosity, fear and excitement!
My reply is “A 4 handed massage is awesome! Especially with our Lavender Blossom Aromatherapy!”
Well it goes beyond this of course! So to really explain what is happening, a 4 handed massage is a full body relaxation massage! Two of our massage therapists will combine their talents into one massage! The service is an experience of disconnecting your mind and body from your stresses leaving you with no choice but to relax. Does that not sound amazing?

There were a few reasons I wanted to bring this feature to Brennan Massage & Spa. First, I wanted to try something new to take my staff and myself out of our comfort zone. In life it is always important to learn new skills and do something different. This was the perfect session to explore with the team. I also wanted to bring something to our customers that they have probably never had before! Customers have been so intrigued by the unique features we have brought to them in the past that the 4 handed massage is such a different experience that it was time! Lastly I wanted to provide a service that was about pure relaxation! At Brennan Massage & Spa we perform so many therapeutic massages for pain and injury that I wanted to promote the importance of actually relaxing at a day spa!

So available through March we bring you the Lavender Blossom 4 Handed Massage. It is a 50 minute massage for $140 that is available for only 3 more weeks! However, have no fear because this massage will return!


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