Healthy Choices

It is true your health is a choice. Ask yourself today if you make healthy choices? Do you exercise? Do you create time for relaxation? Do you eat healthy foods? Do you get enough sleep? Do you share your time with healthy friends?

How can you make your health a priority? Many times we don’t. Many times we eat on the go, stay up too late, sit all day on the computer. When we realize that we could be healthier even the smallest efforts will make a world of difference. The hardest part is just starting. Once you begin to make healthier choices the rest falls into place.

Begin by buying healthy snacks, try to make snacks from scratch. I love the “no bake energy bites”! Here is a recipe! They are fast, you can make a ton of them and they can be frozen. Next, try to begin strengthening your muscles. Buy a set of weights. They do not need to be heavy. Strengthen your core and legs and arms. You can find exercises online. Here is a link to an easy workout!

If you can start with those 2 healthy choices and make them part of your weekly routine your efforts will shift your health.

Next, try cooking some new recipes for dinner. Integrate lots of vegetable with any dish. Make extra so you can reheat that healthy meal for lunch or dinner the next day. Keep the recipes simple.

After a few weeks of these small efforts, you will feel a difference. This awareness will be your motivation to try more healthy meals, increase your exercise and maybe even carve out some time for relaxation or to see a friend.

Be kind to yourself as you journey through your health. It isn’t always easy to make yourself a priority but when you do you will experience great health and wellness.

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