Wellness Month Services

This month’s wellness services were a hit! So glad we followed through with promoting various services that enhance our well being from the inside out. Many of our customers tried new alternatives to healing. We offered private yoga sessions which were perfect for anyone enhancing or beginning their yoga practice. We offered a massage and facial that both integrated a lymphatic dry brushing enhancement! Our Myo-Facial Meltaway massage was popular again because it releases tension in our connective tissue and clients experienced deep relaxation with our Meditation Massage, our Lavender Blossom 4 Handed Massage and our Cranio Sacral Therapy. Thai Massage was also available which is perfect for increasing flexibility and joint mobilization.

It has been a fun month to work outside of the box and offer the alternative services that we love! The start of summer can become extremely stressful and busy so it was the perfect time to offer these Wellness Month Services and clients seemed very pleased with the results.

The services that I think were the most exciting to offer were the Healing Lymphatic Honey Concentrate Facial and the Full Body Massage with Dry Brush Enhancement session. Both sessions used a dry brushing technique to help stimulate the lymphatic system. This is important to do because it helps pump toxins out of the body. The therapist gently glides a brush over the surface of your skin. Gliding is done in the direction of the lymph nodes and towards the heart. This gentle application of pressure stimulates the pumping that is beneficial to optimizing the potential of our lymph system to cleanse and heal our bodies. It not only cleanses our system but dry brushing exfoliates and softens our skin and feels very soothing. It is the perfect add-on to a massage or facial.

We will definitely be doing a wellness month again!

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