The Essence of Summer

I know we still have a few weeks to go until summer is officially over but when the school year begins it sure feels like its done. Instead of the freedom we have had to sleep in, stay up late, mosey wherever the wind blows us, we are now tied to a schedule. In some ways thank God and in others, these commitments can be stressful.

I encourage us all to linger a little longer with summer fun. Plan another picnic, get that last day in at the beach, spend the day at the park, take a long bike ride!

The essence of summer does not need to tossed aside either. Use what we learned from the summer to put these busy calendars into perspective when they become overwhelming. When you and your family need a timeout, take one. Rest and be as lazy as a summer afternoon. The schedule will always be there.

This past summer we featured the laziest summer specials we could think of! We had our June Wellness Week which featured services from our Meditation Massage to Yoga to Craniosacral Therapy. All designed to restore wellness in your mind, body, and spirit. In July we promoted our lazy Strawberry Body Wrap with Neck and Foot Rub. This service soaked clients in hydration and relaxation from head to toe! For August we have been super busy with our Wild Lime Scalp Treatment and Massage. As we all know anything with a scalp treatment puts clients on another planet. Needless to say, summer has been busy but super relaxing and lazy around here!

As a day spa, we get to continue the essence of summer throughout the year by bringing clients the rest that they need when life gets busy. Call us anytime to take back your summer with any of our spa services and upcoming specials!

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