Self Care

Self Care

After turning 40 and having both my children in school, my life was able to make a slight adjustment. Its amazing but I found a little time for myself! This past year and a half has brought a whole new sense of balance to my life because I have been able to think about my own wellness. One shift was making the time to exercise 5 days a week and the other has been to enhance the nutrition I had been eating. These two elements of self care have made a huge difference in my life. The journey was a simple decision to make my health a priority. I started and did not look back and the changes I felt were immediate.

My favorite way to exercise is to use the beach body workout programs from home. This has made exercising so easy. The workouts are usually only 30 minutes long but the results are empowering. I love the weight lifting programs the most but they also offer cardio and yoga and many other options. Working out at home has made exercising possible for me opposed to trying to fit in a class or the gym.

I have also been able to introduce super healthy foods into my day. Now a day to day diet is full of protein, fruits and vegetables. My favorite breakfast is eggs and avocado or a smoothie with loads of blueberries. Great snacks have been homemade granola bars or apples with peanut butter. I love any salad with chicken and farro. Dinner is always anything from tacos and pot pies to pastas and stews but always homemade made loads of vegis, organic meats and healthy carbs.

These 2 changes were simple to make. It comes down to deciding to choose what YOU want from life. I hope more people will learn to carve time out for their health because the results are simply good for you.

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