Retreat: The Sacred Art of Self-Care

Retreat: The Sacred Art of Self-Care

On Saturday February 2nd from 10am-5pm Brennan Massage and Spa will host its first retreat. This retreat will take place locally at Brookfield’s Hollywood Community House. The location and time of year make this retreat accessible and available to many of our clients. This retreat is focused on the Sacred Art of Self-Care.

So what is the sacred art of self-care? What does this mean to each individual? How do we get it? How do we implement it into our lives?

Being in the spa industry I have the opportunity to promote and service self-care. We provide 30 minutes to 90 minutes of self-care that a client schedules for themselves with one of our healing spa therapist for a massage or a facial or even a spa day package. During this time a client can relax and relieve stress for their day to day schedules. However, when their time is up they walk right back into their stressful lives.

During our retreat we will not only have a day full of relaxation through yoga and meditation but we process how to cope with our schedules and carve time out daily for self-care and reflection. We all know that if we can care for ourselves then we will be better at our jobs, better parents and better friends. Instead of running ourselves on empty we need to fuel our mind, bodies and spirits to live a loving life. We all deserve more than 1 hour at a day spa for self-care!

So consider joining us on Saturday February 2nd! You can register by phone at the spa at 708.255.5335. Bring a friend! Retreat costs $200. A healthy lunch will be provided. Instead of waiting for a Valentine, give yourself the love you need this February!

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