Think of 10 Things to Love This Month!

Think of 10 Things to Love This Month!

Whenever February rolls around all we think about is love and romance! At times, Valentines Day can feel overwhelming when we try to plan the perfect date night or gift! I know that as soon as February begins the spa schedule and staff need to be prepared to perform the many candlelit couples massages we will be doing. This special is always popular because it includes champagne and chocolates making it the perfect Valentines date! Although the romance of this holiday will be a big feature of the month I wanted to reflect on love in a different way. What are your top 10 things to love this month? What gives you butterfly’s or melts your heart? How do you express this love, share this love, accept this love? Do you recognize the feeling as love or as something else? When I think about what takes my breath away and leaves me in awe I am connected to love on a different level then romance. I connect to loves essence in time and space. There are so many things I love but the top 10 for me in this present moment are: Listening to understand a friends needs, watching my daughters move through the world in play, reading a beautiful book with deep character development, enjoying a run in the woods, watching the snow fall from the warmth of my home, being alone, seeing the moon, spending time on the beach in Union Pier, Michigan, coffee, listening to the song Crystal by Fleetwood Mac and listening to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast conversations. Why not use the Valentines holiday to love all that we are, do and feel. Whether you have a significant other or not we can still love with or without romance. So Happy Valentines Day to everyone and all the ways love touches your heart. Click here for the Tara Brach Meditation: Blessings of Love!

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