Kicking Off Summer With Wellness

Kicking Off Summer With Wellness

Summer symbolizes wellness in many ways. Cold and flu season is over, the weather is warm, fresh fruits and vegetables are available at our farmers markets and exercise increases with all our outdoor activities. At this time of year, Brennan Massage & Spa focuses on wellness at a deeper level. June is our wellness month and it features spa services designed to enhance our well being from the inside out! This year’s wellness services are a Shirodhara Treatment, an Abyhanga Massage, Yoga-ssage, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, the Healing Meditation Massage, our Full Body Massage with Lymphatic Dry Brush Enhancement and our Healing Lymphatic Honey Concentrate Facial. These 8 services are unique from our regular massages and facials because they enhance and address other parts of our body rather then just our muscles or the surface of our skin. The Shirodhara Treatment is a warm oil treatment for our third eye which stimulates meditation and love similar to our Healing Meditation Massage. The Abhyangha Massage uses intense strokes to increase blood flow and eliminate toxins from the body. Craniosacral therapy address our craniosacral fluid and rhythm to increase self healing. Yoga-ssage enhances flexibility and strength. Reflexology heals areas of the body through connections on the feet and our lymphatic system is addressed in both out Healing Lymphatic Honey Concentrate Facial and our Full Body Massage with Lymphatic Dry Brush Enhancement. Our lymphatic system works as our bodies filter and when it is stimulated it can improve its performance for our body. We always look forward to offering these sessions so we give clients alternatives that may benefit their health and well being. the spa industry has so much to offer when it comes to body care. It is fun and worth trying something new at Brennan Massage & Spa!

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