Our Sunflower Honey Drenched Massage Is the Perfect Way to Slow Down Summer!

Our Sunflower Honey Drenched Massage Is the Perfect Way to Slow Down Summer!

Has your summer been busy? Have you watched your calendars fill up with outings, weekend getaways, activities and more? I hope your summer days have been fun and warm and happy! However at the height of summer we may be finding a need for some rest! Keeping up with active summer days can be exhausting. We might be saying to ourselves, “Where has summer gone?” We expected time to slow down for summer and give us a break and many times it seems to do the opposite!

A slow summer day needs to be set aside otherwise they do slip away. If you can carve out 90 minutes our Sunflower Honey Drenched Massage is the perfect way to slow down summer. Imagine 90 minutes to yourself at Brennan Massage & Spa. This massage is a full body massage. It includes a warm towel steam all over your body followed by an application of our sunflower honey butter by Farm House Fresh. The massage is enhanced with a mini body wrap so that you can relax in silence and your skin can soak in the honey hydration. This honey butter is rich in fatty acids that reduce redness, lock in hydration and protect from environmental factors. Your skin will be rich and silky to touch. Through August this massage will be on sale! Save $20 on what is normally a $125 massage. Add in our Argan Peptide Age Illumine Facial and Save $25 a session! Does this sound like a great way to slow down a summer day?

If getting to spa is still to out of reach for a busy summer schedule then what can you do at home to relax? Try sipping on a cup of tea or coffee outside in the morning before the kids get up. This is always one of my favorites. Try taking a bike ride on the Salt Creek trail. Maybe sneak away to read a book at swan pond or your favorite park. Try to make time to soak in summer! Fall and winter for us Chicago folk is around the corner!

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