Healing Fall Foods

Healing Fall Foods

Recently I have caught myself recommending to friends, family, and customers to eat healing foods.
I am not a dietitian, chef or nutritional expert but just a working mom on the go! Many evenings my family does eat a homemade meal together but I am recently aware of how healing some meals feel over others. Foods can comfort, nourish and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit or they can make you feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied and looking for something else.
Healing food does not need to be complex, with a long list of difficult ingredients or complicated steps. Healing food needs to be high in protein, fruits and vegetables, and yummy flavors.

Now that our busy summer is done and our days are short the Fall season is the perfect time for self-care, rest and healing comfort foods to restore ourselves.

Some simple and satisfying healing fall meals I thought I’d share are Butternut Squash Soup, Roast chicken with Maple Pepper Glaze and Sweet Potatoes and my grandmas favorite Apple Brown Betty!

Any recipe using squash, such as in a Butternut Squash Soup, is going to aide in digestion because it is high in fiber giving you a natural cleanse. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that squash brings heat into the body making it perfect for fall and winter. Because squash is orange in color it is also high in betacarotene which decreases oxidative stress on our cells which can reduce disease. Another meal I found to be a perfect comfort in fall is the Roast Chicken with Maple Pepper Glaze and sweet potatoes. Because of the chicken and sweet potatoes in this meal, it is very high in protein. Sweet potatoes not only are high in antioxidants but they have also been found to have a lot of protein! Sweet potatoes have as much protein in them as an egg and in some countries are used as meat! I also like that this recipe uses natural maple syrup as a flavor rather than a processed sugar. Enjoy below! Lastly for a healing dessert comfort food. Try making Apple Brown Betty. Cooked apples are high in fiber and will also aide in digestion. However, lots of anticancer benefits come from the skin, seeds, and core! So after you peel and chop your apples for your dessert, make sure you eat or add the skin, seeds, and core to a smoothie!

Take time for tasty healing foods. Feel satisfied with delicious healthy choices that will comfort you through the fall and winter seasons.

Recipe links below!

Butternut squash soup

Roast Chicken with Maple Pepper Glaze and Sweet Potatoes

Easy Brown-Betty Recipe

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