Spa Rituals For the Holidays

Spa Rituals For the Holidays

This year through December we will feature 3 Spa Rituals. A ritual is a process of experiences. Many times we have a morning ritual or an evening ritual to help us connect or unwind from our day.
During the holidays we spend time with our rituals and traditions that bring comfort to this time of year. We may have tickets to the Nutcracker, we might always host a holiday party or take the kids to have breakfast with Santa. There are so many great rituals to enjoy over the holidays.

At Brennan Massage & Spa a spa ritual is a combination of sessions within a 1 hour treatment or more that give customers a chance to experience deep relaxation with a variety of techniques.

The first spa ritual we will feature will be a 1 hour neck, shoulder and scalp massage with foot rub and Shirodhara treatment. Neck, shoulders, scalp and feet will be massaged and then followed with the Shirodhara. A Shirodhara is an Indian Ayurvedic warm oil treatment for the 3rd eye and scalp. Client will be put into a deep state of meditation during this treatment.

The second spa ritual we will feature will be a 1 hour honey hydration body wrap with wild lime scalp treatment and foot rub. This session will soothe and hydrate skin from head to toe the scalp treatment include a scalp massage enhanced with aromatherapy and warm towel compresses and a foot rub will soothe aches and pains in feet.

The third spa ritual we will feature will be a 1 hour mini facial enhanced with acupressure, a wild lime scalp treatment and mini hand glow. Skin will be cleansed and hydrated, scalp will be massaged and soothed with aromatherapy and warm towel compresses and dry hands will be exfoliated and hydrated.

All Spa Rituals are designed to relax client from head to toe. A variety of techniques are combined so customer can experience lots of treatments in 1 session. We hope that our Spa Rituals give customers an opportunity to relax and soak in the the holiday season and all the rituals that come with it every year!

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