Refresh For Spring With Lymphatic Flow!

Refresh For Spring With Lymphatic Flow!

The lymph system is a major part of the bodies immune system. Lymph is a clear fluid that circulates through our body in a network of vessels and nodes.

The lymph system has 3 main functions: to maintain the balance of fluid between blood and tissue, to defend against bacteria and other toxins, and to facilitate the absorption of fats and fat solubles into the digestive system.

Stimulating our lymph system with a gentle pressure to the skin can enhance these functions. Dry brushing uses the bristles to gently connect to this system as we guide the brush in movements towards the heart. This stimulates flow & cleansing.

Our specials of the month are designed to integrate this flow to enhance your well being. These are the perfect spa services to receive as we recover from winter and rejuvenate our body for spring!

Discover the benefits of dry brushing through March!

The Full Body Massage with the Dry Brush Enhancement is a 75 minute massage for $95. Exfoliate your skin and cleanse your system with this healthy massage for your muscles and immune system!

The Healing Lymphatic Honey Concentrate Facial not only cleanses the surface of your skin but uses gentle dry brushing to release toxins. Products such as the manuka honey cleanser and our saturated concentrate serums will add hydration, youth and a healthy glow to your skin!

Dry brushing is also recommended to do at home. You can buy a dry brush from Walgreen’s or Amazon. Youtube will demonstrate the best techniques. It is best to guide the brushing towards your heart as we do in the full body massage. Many times people will dry brush before they shower. It only takes 7-10 minutes to address the whole body!

Our dry brush enhancements are the perfect pick me up for rejuvenation and detox!

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