Nurture This Sacred Pause

Nurture This Sacred Pause

Our world has come to a much needed halt. Unfortunately this blessing has come with pain. Some of us have lost loved ones, many of us have lost our jobs and we are all loosing money. It is sad to watch ourselves avoid contact with the people around us. It is scary to feel like we need to cover our faces with masks and it is worrisome to not know what the future holds.

But this halt has also felt like a sacred pause. A sacred pause is an opportunity to explore, pay attention, be patient, breath and reflect on what is dear to our hearts.

We have been able to go through daily motions with awareness rather then rushing. We have had timeless meals with our families. We have taken walks and explored nature. We are taking time to connect with people although we are apart. We are educating our children. We are making art and listening to music. We are paying attention to the news and sharing what we learn. We are looking out for one another. We are building an empathy and understanding that we are all the same. This halt has been a blessing because we can relearn how live life with a tender heart.

We all live with a deep consciousness of knowing we need to slow down. We know we need to pause but we just cant make it happen. Being forced into this stillness has never been more important. It is important for our current health situation and it is important for our personal growth. Stay home and let be.

So for now lets soak in the stillness and gently shed our guard and move into the future with this knowing pace that continues to serve our hearts and homes.

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