Facial Care at Home: A Step-By-Step Guide!

Step-by-Step At Home Facial Guide

Facial Care at Home: A Step-By-Step Guide!

Right now we are all staying home more. If you are feeling concerned about making a visit to the spa for a facial then we have a step-by-step guide for you to follow!

1. Cleansing

First, it is important to start with a cleanse. If you’re wearing makeup, cleanse twice! Our Manuka Honey Cleanser is popular for its antimicrobial and hydrating properties! This cleanser also works great with a cleansing brush! This helps deeply cleanse pores, exfoliate, and increase lymphatic flow for additional detoxing! If you have acne then our new Collodial Silver Cleanser. It is great at reducing breakouts.

2. Exfoliate

Next, exfoliate the surface of your skin. This can be done with a scrub or an enzyme peel mask. We recommend our Microcrystal Scrub or our Pear Fig Enzyme Peel. Your skin will be silky smooth after exfoliating. If you want to add steam then exfoliate in a hot shower! Try adding a few drops of a Young Living essential oil to enhance the steaming experience! Young Living oils will be available soon at Brennan Massage & Spa.

After you exfoliate it is helpful to calm your skin with toning. This will soothe and reduce redness. Our Lavender or Oat Toner are perfect.

3. Nourishing Mask

Now, its time for a nourishing mask. We have a Farm House Fresh sampler mask kit that is perfect for at-home facials. The avocado mask or pumpkin mask are great to use. Naturopathica’s Moss Blemish Mask would be another recommendation. Remove the mask with a warm towel.

4. Hydration

Next its time to hydrate. If you like, use a serum first. This helps add extra moisture and nutrition. Our Carrot Seed serum is popular but try our Ginger Clarifying Concentrate if you have acne. Finish your facial with your favorite moisturizer. The Naturopathica Calendula or Beech Tree moisturizers are really good for dry skin, the Rosemary Oil Reducing moisturizer is recommended for oily skin and the Vitamin C moisturizer is great for everyone.

If you’re really good, add an SPF! We recommend Coola’s Classic or Mineral SPF! Protecting yourself from sun damage is not only important for your health but it also reduces wrinkles! It’s a win, win.

There you have it, ladies — a do it yourself facial! Pop in anytime and we can consult on products perfect for your homecare routine. Enjoy!


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