Constance Morris House Donation Drive

Constance Morris food drive

Constance Morris House Donation Drive

Over the years Brennan Massage & Spa has partnered with the Constance Morris House, a local shelter for women and children who have left abusive homes. The Constance Morris House provides shelter and support for these families while they work on making changes in their lives.

Every year Brennan Massage and Spa coordinates a donation drive for the Constance Morris House. We have collected clothing, food, and household supplies. We have also provided spa services for the staff and women living and working in the shelter. Financial donations have also been given.

This year because of all the attention the spa has needed during this pandemic, Brennan Massage and Spa was not going to get involved with much other than the day to day operations of the business. However, we have recently learned that the Constance Morris House needs food! We also realized that we needed an opportunity to get involved with our community and be proactive at this time!

We wanted to get back to what motivates us and that is being involved where support is needed and sharing that opportunity with our customers. Staying active and engaged gives us at Brennan Massage and Spa more purpose to what we do! And lord knows during this time we need that as much as anyone else! So please join us as we collect Non-Perishable Goods for the Constance Morris House.

Donations will be accepted through September and can be left in a donation box on the spa’s front porch. 

Items that are needed:

    • Canned Goods
    • Dry Cereal
    • Hot Cereal
    • Granola Bars
    • Bagged Snacks
    • Cookies
    • Coffee, Tea, Juice Boxes


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