Mothering Through a Pandemic

Mothering Through a Pandemic

Mothering Through a Pandemic

Being a mother is always emotional but mothering through a pandemic has added many more feelings to the role. We have had to dig deep, break down, get creative, and emerge as some sort of role model for our children. Our children have been with us, watching us, and absorbing our every move. What do they make of all this? What have we provided and demonstrated? We have all learned so much from being thrown of course and witnessing the world struggle.

So how has this changed our mothering? I think we have been able to let go and let be. We have not been able to direct every outcome for our families this year and it has taught us to step back and watch what unfolds. I believe our kids have shown us that they are capable of many things. They can adapt, they can be independent, they are smart, they can look out for each other with compassion, and believe it or not they can have fun at home with their siblings!

Although we have had much to navigate with our children’s education, keeping them socialized without socializing, reinventing our careers, and trying to not get anyone sick, I do feel as mothers we should see how these challenges have become accomplishments. We have served our families and children well by getting up everyday and doing the best we can and accepting the outcomes we can not control.

This pandemic will end and our children will remember how we stood by them and loved them through it all.



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