Act, Outreach, Compassion.

Act, Outreach, Compassion

Act, Outreach, Compassion.

Here we are on a path of healing as we move through this pandemic. We can comfortably trust to be close once again to our friends and family. Our lives can proceed with plans and adventure! However, our world is now suffering again. We are stricken with a war that feels ever so close. How do we continue with joy when we know people are hurting? They are hurting as we get to resume school, work, parties, and activities. This feels so unbalanced but we wake up everyday with news that we can not change.

We must remember to act, use our resources, and create something good in our lives and for the people around us. What can this look like? It looks like compassion. Sometimes it may be a kind response to our children when they are being difficult, sometimes it is listening a little longer to someone else’s thoughts, sometimes it is helping someone with their overscheduled day and sometimes it is creating outreach for a specific cause or need.

Join Brennan Massage and Spa as we act with outreach driven by compassion for people in need in our own community. It is a way we can make a small difference right now. Through the month of May in honor of Mothers Day and mothers everywhere we will be collecting donations for the Constance Morris House. The Constance Morris House is a local shelter for women and children leaving abusive homes. The shelter is in need of food and supplies. We will also be donating 10% of our Mothers Day gift Card Sales to the Constance Morris House. Your donations, compassion and outreach are appreciated.

In August we will also be hosting our first Blood Drive with the Red Cross. Our Blood drive has been influenced by a child in need. The drive will be held on Monday Aug. 22nd. Final details will be available in July.

Brennan Massage and Spa is blessed with a wonderful community of customers. We can bring people together to act and do good. We will continue to include everyone in the outreach we can find and create to bring good to someone somewhere.

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