Participate in our Blood Drive

Participate in our Blood Drive

There is no doubt about it- the world we live in today is an overwhelming and often terrifying place. We have a constant stream of information thrown at us- pandemic death tolls, environmental catastrophes, political unrest, racial violence. It’s easy to feel like there is nothing you can do to make a change in the world. It’s all too much!
While it’s hard to imagine being able to help on a global level it’s important to slow down and look closer. There is something you can do just within your own community that can save lives and make a huge difference.
The truth is the blood supply in the US is critically low. Donations dropped off so dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic and the American Red Cross has declared a national blood crisis. A severe shortage could require difficult decisions about who should or shouldn’t receive a transfusion — decisions with life-or-death consequences.
Donating blood is simple and fast way to give back and show love to the people around us. You could be changing the life of a woman who just went through a traumatic birth or a grandfather undergoing surgery. Sometimes it is the selfless acts of love that give the most in return.
Please join us on Monday, August 22 between 10:00am and 3:00pm at the Riverside Village Hall to donate blood and help save lives.

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